Reception Class 2020 Tour Dates



Tour Dates for Parents/Carers



Day                                           Date                                                   Time

MONDAY                                  28th OCTOBER                                      2.00 pm  NOW FULL

WEDNESDAY                          30th OCTOBER                                      9.30 am  NOW FULL

FRIDAY                                     1st NOVEMBER                                     9.30 am  NOW FULL

MONDAY                                   4th NOVEMBER                                    2.00 pm  NOW FULL

TUESDAY                                  5th NOVEMBER                                    9.30 am  NOW FULL

FRIDAY                                     8th NOVEMBER                                     2.00 pm   NOW FULL

TUESDAY                                12th NOVEMBER                                    9.30 am  NOW FULL

THURSDAY                             14th NOVEMBER                                    2.00 pm  NOW FULL


TUESDAY                             19th NOVEMBER                                9.30 am     NOW FULL

FRIDAY                                 22nd NOVEMBER                               2.00 pm     NOW FULL


Due to demand these last 2 dates have just been added. They will be the last opportunity you will have to visit our school before the application deadline to the local authority in January 2020



Please phone or email the school office to reserve a place on your preferred date


020 8800 2362