Crazy Cricket by Mia-Mary

Date: 24th Jan 2018 @ 11:40am

Last week, Malala Class were given the chance to play cricket. We were first given an introduction and then we were divided into groups of two. One group were fielders and the other were batters.

The instructions we were given were:

  1. There were 4 stumps(spaced out)and 4 batters stood at a stump alone.                                             
  2. The person standing in front of the baller batted first.                                                                           
  3.  As soon as the person hit the ball, you'd have to run to the next post.                                             
  4. The game went around until the person in charge blew his whistle.

After the first group of batters had all had a turn, the fielders and batters switched and we did the same thing. The class were very energecticwink and eager to crack on and play. We were all super devasted when cricket came to an end but relieved to be going homecheeky.    We were super lucky when they came in (well some of us were) as the majority of the class have never played cricket and got a chance to complete a piece of homework which was to try a new sportyes.                     


By Mia- Mary