Choosing the right primary school for your child is a very significant event, at Chestnuts Primary we want to support parents in what can sometimes be a difficult decision and process. Our advice is that it is important to find out as much as possible about your local schools before you submit your application.

Your should apply directly to the London Borough of Haringey's Admissions Department to have your child's name registered on their database. They hold the waiting list for places available in all of the community schools. When the local authority offer your child a place at Chestnuts Primary School, they notify us of the offer and we will contact you to arrange an admission interview with our Deputy Headteacher.

We think it is essential for parents to visit each school during the working day to experience its unique ethos and atmosphere.  At Chestnuts, (given the present circumstances), we endeavour to show parents/carers as much of the part of the school that your child will be accessing as possible - and to answer any questions you and your child may have.

Reception Admissions
All children in Haringey enter the reception class in the September of the school year in which they will be five. Some children will move up from local Nurseries and others come from home or child minders. We have places for 60 Reception children each year.

To make an application, parents should contact their local authority. Residents of Haringey can make an application online by going to:  

Haringey school admissions

School admissions are handled entirely by Haringey Council and our admissions policy is that of Haringey Council. The admissions criteria gives priority based on statements of special educational need, Children Looked after by the local authority or post adoption, siblings already at school and distance from school. (In that order for priority) 

Applications for the September 2023 intake should have been made by January 15th 2023.

If you would like to book an appointment to view our school we offer small groups a chance to look round the school with either the Head Teacher or the Early Years Leader.

Please look under our Admissions Section for the dates we have just uploaded.

To book Tel 020 8800 2362 or email [email protected].

Admissions after the initial reception intake
Entry to classes in school after the initial in Reception intake is dependent on the availability of places and the waiting list that is administered by the local authority. Please contact the school office for further information.

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