PE at Chestnuts

At Chestnuts Primary school our PE curriculum is designed to physically prepare all children for the next stage in their lives. They develop the key skills of throwing, catching, running, being able to swim, spatial awareness, coordination and teamwork. They know about the importance of physical activity in relation to a healthy lifestyle. The children experience a wide range of sports, games and other physical activities and are encouraged to further pursue those which they are interested in or good at. 


PE structure 

At Chestnuts Primary we use ‘The Power of PE’ to structure our lessons from Foundation stage through to Year 6. The Power of PE has a clear structure for progression of skills and differentiates for varying needs of the children. The progression develops across 8 Key statements ranging from direction/fitness to team work and competitiveness. 

The lessons have a clear structure, building on skills previously taught and making cross curricular links to Numeracy and lIteracy. 

The lessons have a great impact on our children who find the lessons fun and engaging, while also improving their knowledge and understanding of physical exercise. 

In addition to this, KS1 have weekly swimming lessons with our own swimming coach in the school's swimming pool. This is a fantastic resource and enables our children to gain confidence in the water and develop as swimmers. 


Staff collaboration 

PE at Chestnuts, including swimming, is taught by three qualified PE coaches and class teachers. Coaches and teachers using the Power of PE are given clear guidance on how the lessons should be set out and demonstrate equipment set up with diagrams- enabling all staff to teach high quality, engaging lessons that enthuse pupils and ensure progression in physical skills and knowledge.

Chestnuts works with external agencies to promote staff development, for example Tottenham Hotspur who team teach with coaches and teachers to upskill them with innovative fresh ideas for engaging children in sport.



Children are encouraged to take part in as much physical activity as possible during the school day. The PE coaches run games and activities at break times which contributes to the class ‘Daily Mile’ points. 

The ‘Daily Mile’ is counted as extra time spent doing physical activities- this can be running with running club at lunch time, walking to school or playing sports with one of the coaches. 

At the end of the week, the top three classes with the highest ‘Daily Mile’ points are awarded in assembly. The class with the most wins at the end of the year are awarded with a physical activity trip. 


Children are assessed against the progression statements for each unit of PE per half term. 

Within individual lessons, children are differentiated for and challenged to ensure progression within the session. Each session has three challenges that build on skills. 

We use a PE tracker to track children’s achievements, this not only shows what progress has been made but also when. Each year group has 8 key PE outcomes which are targeted across a range of sports and physical activity. 

Collecting Evidence 

Teachers collect evidence weekly on children’s development in each of the 8 statements and record this in the class’s PE folder. When a child is starting to meet a statement one of four boxes are highlighted. Each half term is a different colour to demonstrate when the child reached this statement. 

Enrichment Opportunities 

At Chestnuts primary school we have a range of enrichment opportunities for children to enjoy and to increase stamina and engagement in physical activity. 

At Chestnuts we have the following enrichment and sports clubs opportunities: 

  • Running club for year 5 
  • Netball afterschool for years 3,4,5 and 6 
  • Football for Ks1 and KS2 
  • Multi sports 
  • Lunchtime cricket club 
  • After school cricket club 


For further information regarding PE at Chesthuts, please contact Miss West 



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