Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs Katie Horwood

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Carole Newton

Assistant Head Teacher

Ms L West

Ms Emily Potter 


Ms Jeanne Milstein

School Business Manager

Mr James Linsey

EYFS Leader

Ms Atherton





Teaching staff

Nursery (Eric Carle class)

Ms Mey, Ms Ruocco,  Ms Robinson

Reception (Ahlberg)

Ms Atherton, Ms Mulla

Reception (Donaldson)

Ms Mower 
Ms Viki

Ms Junior

Year 1 Hadid

Ms Griffiths and Ms Potter

Year 1 Mozart

Mr Nisbett

Year 2 Rashford

Ms Arkin

Year 2 Seacole

Ms Sarwar

Year 3 Benjamin

Ms Sarler

Year 3 Attenborough

Ms Agnes

Year 4 Gandhi

Ms Pieri and Ms West

Year 4 Fibonacci

Ms Livingstone

Year 5 Pankhurst

Ms Jackson

Year 5 Thompson

Mr Burke

Year 6 Mandela

Mr Bloom

Year 6 Malala

Ms Sulejmanovic

Pastoral Support 

Ms Watson

Art Teacher

Ms Hen

Swimming Instructor

Joe McDonald

Sports coach

Mr Abdel


Ms Esin

Ms Lomas

Ms Begum


Non-Educational Support Staff

Office assistant Justine Samuels

Site Manager

Mark Hosking

Kitchen staff

Kitchen Manager

Negar Sultana


Kitchen Assistant

Linda Adjaklo

Kitchen Assistant

Gertrude Tumba

Kitchen Assistant

Grace Amoo

Wrap around provision staff

Breakfast Club Manager

Audrey Rock

Breakfast Club Support

Zulehka Kodabukas

Breakfast Club Support

Karlene Mills

Interim After School Club Manager

Michelle Roberts


Joe McDonald


Shumine Uddin