Malala Class Homework Showcase - Khai'ree

Date: 3rd Oct 2018 @ 5:07pm

Imagine you are a black person living in South Africa during Apartheid

Dear Diary,

I am feeling so sad. I don’t want to live in South Africa anymore. Living out here as a black person has become so bad.

New laws have been introduced and they are breaking my heart. There is a law called ‘The Mixed Marriages Act’. It stops me from marrying a different race to me. This is unfair; just because you’re a different race to me we can’t be together.

Also there is another law: ‘Group Areas Act’ black people have 14 % of the land while white people have 86 % - very unfair. It makes me feel that white people are better than me. There are over 23 million black people in South Africa and with only 14 % of the land.

The final law that they added is the ‘Pass Book Act’. Black people have to carry a pass book wherever they go - even the toilet. The police can randomly pick anyone and ask. The consequence if they don’t have it is that you get arrested.

By Khai'ree