Malala Class Homework Showcase - Jibreel

Date: 3rd Oct 2018 @ 4:59pm

Interview with Mandela

by Jibreel

Reporter:     Thank you Mr President for joining us on this momentous occasion.

Mandela:     Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Reporter:     So now that you are president, how will you overcome the challenges you might face?

Mandela:     It will surely be a challenge; however I have many supporters on my side and they will help me through it.

Reporter:     What would you say to your fellow citizens that do not agree with your inspiration?

Mandela:     Everyone can change with a little persuasion and I’ll try my best; however people have their opinions and ideologies.

Reporter:     When you were elected president how were you feeling at that moment?

Mandela:     I was feeling very excited and hopeful.

Reporter:     How did you know you would take up the presidency?

Mandela:     I actually dreamt of becoming president and making a difference to the people of South Africa at the age of ten, and realised how black people were being treated because of the Apartheid [a system of law of the SA government which separated black and white people and gave less rights to black people].

Reporter:     Oh so did it ever affect your family in any way?

Mandela:     Yes it did, my father lost his fortune when the whites came along.

Reporter:     Thank you again for speaking with us today, it’s been a pleasure discussing your history.

Mandela:     The pleasure’s all mine.