The Garden Classroom




Contact The Gardening Gang (07787 311 430) for any questions                          


A few parents and carers have helped to bring the school garden back to life. The Garden Classroom is an amazing space allowing teachers and children to interact with nature and the outdoors. It is being used for growing flowers, veg and herbs ; harvesting and cooking ; composting (giving children an appreciation for the Earth and the life cycle) ; drawing and painting inspired by what they see and feel. Last year some year 6 children made an amazing Bug Hotel. 

Other activities could include teaching children how to convert waste into nutritient-rich soil (our reception children already started feeding the garden RollyPig their left over fruits and vegetable last trimester) ; harvesting rainwater; making a weather station ; observing insects and wildlife in the pond ; writing poetry and more!

The big project for this new school year is to revive the pond by installing a new lining. We are in discussion with railway fields and are planning to do the work in the Autumn. This is a fantastic opportunity for the school to have a wildlife area that will provide great teaching possibilities and space for wildlife to live. 

A further initiative is to provide a space for Hebalists Without Borders. We are in contact with them and would like to grow herbs they can use to make basic medicines and remedies for Refugees and migrants. 

Other projects include a new mural for the garden walls - we are in talks with an Artist to give some colour to the garden. We would also like to build a frame / pergola next to the green house to hold the overgrowing wine leaves - anyone who can share carpentry skills would be highly welcome! 

We will continue running work mornings every other month (these will take place on a Saturday morning) to keep up with the garden (pruning trees, make repairs, install another water butt etc.) These sessions are open to parents, children,  experienced or inexperienced gardeners, grand parents and everyone from the community is welcome!

If you'd like to get involved please contact . Also look out for posters for the next work morning, or come to the garden after drop off or before pick up, as one of us is usually pottering around there!